Supply Shopping List 2019

2019 HHIM Shopping List

Bless your church this Christmas and all year long by donating one or more of these items.

Praise God, our church is growing.


8” Brown Roll Paper (1 case $25.00) (Berkeley Paper Company)

Bathroom Trash Bags (13 gallons) (Any retailer that sells this size)

POM Tissue (1 case  $20.00) (Sam’s)

Rags in a box (1 Box  $14.00) (Sam’s)

ProForce Pink Hand Soap (1 gallon Jug  $5.00)

PF Glass Cleaner (1 gallon Jug 5.00)

Proforce Commercial Can Liners (40-50 gallons)

Proforce Floor Rinse (1 gallon jug $5.00)

Proforce Disinfectant

Colorox Disenfecting Wipes

Colorox (1 case – 3 jugs  

Soft Soap Refill (1 gallon at Sam’s

Bathroom Deodorizers – (Glade, Airwick, Lysol, etc. apprx. $.99)

Brooms from Sam’s

Industrial Dustpan’s

Mop Heads

2 Yellow Mop Buckets (Sam’s)


Sam’s Wholesale often sells better because they sell bulk.

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