Marriage Ministry

  Our Mission To enhance & strengthen marriages through Biblical teachings that are delivered in group forums, workshops, and annual retreats. Our Goal To restore and establish hopes, dreams, and purpose for marriages in accordance to the word of God. Our Purpose To example, through the word of God, marriages that ministers to other couples. Bishop Jerome and Co-Pastor Tonia Taylor have over 18 years of marriage and it is their desire to see couples enjoy the kind of marriage that God intends for them to have.  Along with them, there are several members of the HHIM church family who enjoy over 10, 15, 20, 25+ years of marriage and believe that marriages can remain strong as long as God, communication, and trust remain a healthy part of this magnificent union. Is the intimacy gone in your marriage? Does your marriage need enhancing?  Does your marriage need healing?  Do you feel that your marriage is in trouble? Or do you want to simply take your marriage to another level?  Then,  join us for our monthly Marriage Enrichment Friday! Marriage ministry meetings. 7:30 PM until. Call 843.899.0877 for dates