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HHIM TV logoDove
Symbol of Peace: Most exalted of animals as symbolizing the Holy spirit’s presence in the earth. A symbol of meekness, purity and splendor of righteousness.

Symbol of war and slaughter, of divine
wisdom, judgment, power and authority. The
Word is called the sword of the spirit.


Symbol of all that is Holy and precious.

It is but natural that those who
experience salvation must acknowledge
that this is the place where Jesus shed
his blood and paid the penalty for sin once
and for all.

A symbol of the true existence of man also
referred to as the spirit of man. It is also the symbol

of humanity being connected to God through
the cross in a Heart to Heart relationship with Him.

Symbol of the great global commission that we are responsible for carrying out; reaching the world around us; our neighborhood,
communities and cities ultimately reaching nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Olive Branch
Symbol of good news and healing.