HHIM Family Zoom Meeting

HHIM Church Family Meeting June 22, 2020

To My HHIM Church Family,

I as your Bishop am eternally grateful for the loyalty that you have given HHIM Church over the years to our great & growing community. It is in times like these that people in the world appreciate relevant, real and competent churches. I believe that God has prepared us for this moment and yet, I still believe that there's an element of preparation that we must still demonstrate through our great church. It is a sad thing that is taking place in this world from the top, the president, politicians’, local government, Pastors and even to the common people of our community. I must applaud you all HHIM Church members because I believe that we have done somethings right at HHIM Church. On April 30, 2017 you all demonstrated the type of church that I believe the world needs. We are a church that thinks ahead, that execute and unapologetically don't follow trends and what others are doing to make Kingdom moves for the future. So, again from the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for being a place and I thank you all for helping us get the church paid off. We are not under pressure as many churches are to make a decision the come back to church to worship. We will continue to lead, continue to be examples, and continue to look out for the best interest of our people. We love God, we love each other, and we definitely love our people. Our orders for going back to church will definitely be given by God and as He gives it to me, I will inform everyone. So, continue to hold a righteous course, stay focus, stay resilient, keep your faith in God, keep your focus on him and please keep sharing the Repentance Prayer. Covid-19 will not life jack our 2020 year. We decree and declare this will be our best year ever still. I love you all forever.

Bishop Jerome A. Taylor

Things to Consider
1. Time - Spend time with God with the time you have left on Earth.
2. Treasure - Every day that you have with your Family.
3. Take – Precautionary measures to ensure your safety.
4. Thinking –About your future and more about eternity
5. Tightening – Up on the way you conduct your life, spiritually and naturally in business (with integrity).
6. Trusting – In God for all things in this hour to make provisions for your family.
7. Trashing – Sin, negativity, foolishness and unforgiveness.
8. Telling – As many people as you can about the Lord. A great evangelistic outreach to draw people to the Lord.
9. Thinking – Still in the midst of the pandemic.
10. Talking – To your loved ones, close family and friends about major changes that you hear from reliable resources. Also. Keeping everyone informed as much as possible.
11. Touching – Our church family with phone calls, text and through social media platforms.
12. Training – This is the time to use our foundational training and stay in prayer and the Word.

Matthew 24:3-14
Our Climate is Spiritually and Naturally Turbulent
 Pandemic climate
 Political climate
 Politically correct Climate
 Potential race war climate
 People upholding the police climate
 Plight of America climate
 Plight of the Hebrew people climate
 Protesting climate

God is with HIS PEOPLE

 Provisions of God climate
 Power of God climate
 Prophetic climate
 Producing climate
 Praise climate
 Pointing people to Christ climate
 Protect our family climate
 Preparation climate
 Peace of God climate
 We the people climate
 Wealth transfer climate