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El Shaddai, we humbly ask that you protect my pastor and his family from all attacks of Satan. Give Bishop Taylor the strength to endure temptation, to stand firm in his faith, and to remain unwavering on God’s promises for him.  Elohim, because You are a shield for Bishop (Ps 3:3), we ask you to shield his mental, emotional, physical (complete health), financial, spiritual, entrepreneurial, and social houses and petition You to breathe fresh winds upon each of those areas.  Teach him to lead fearlessly, with accuracy and spiritual precision. Abba, as You undergird Bishop Taylor, his desires and the works of his hands (Psalms 107:24), may his spiritual and financial legacy extend for generations to come.  We decree and declare that it is done in the name of Jesus!  Amen, Amen, Amen.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

  Pleading the Blood

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World Repentance Prayer 

Daniel Fast 2022

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