Prayer Focus

11 Page Prayer Rotation

Thank you for participating in this awesome prayer assignment .

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                Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12 AM     Sis Joy S.  Min Delores M. Min. Delores M. Sis Joy S.
1 AM       Sis Joann
2 AM       Min Ruthie S.
3 AM       Sis Lydia Elder Corliss W Min Sonia C
4 AM       Sis Sherry Min Judy S Sis Pam Sis Sherry
5 Am       Sis Simone Min Barry Min Destiny T Sis Cynthia M
6 AM       Sis Annette Bro Nero Bro Nero Min Sonia C
7 AM       Min Janie Bro Earl
8 AM       Pop Little Sis Latoya
9 AM       Sis Pauline Sis Adrienne
10 AM     Elder Gethers
11 AM     Sis Lorraine
12 PM      Sis Sherry
1 PM        Sis Cynthia Min Rena
2 PM        Mother Offley
3 PM       Sis Ern
4 PM       Sis Robin
5 PM       Min Nea Min Nea
6 PM       Min Evelyn Elder Rodney
7 PM       Bro Dwayne Min Domonique Bro Leroy B Bro Dwayne S
8 PM       Sis Karen Sis Destiny S Mrs Kathryn
9 PM       Sis Elaine Sis Eboni Bro Lamont
10 PM     Sis Beverly Min Leola B Min Alphonsa Min Alphonsa
11 PM     Bro John Min Lavon
I can stand in the gap on: First and Last Name