HIM Helping Independent Ministries

Helping Independent Ministries grew out of a Heart to see independent ministries succeed and reach their God-given assignment with a proper covering under Heart to Heart International Ministries, Inc. In 2004, Bishop Jerome A. Taylor began to be contacted by Pastors, Overseers of Ministries and Directors of Christian Agencies.  Lack of genuine fellowship, heavy financial demands, along with denominational and organizational politics caused many of those Pastors, Overseers and Directors to become disillusioned with feelings of discontentment with the Body of Christ.  It was apparent that these leaders were looking for covering, mentoring, administrative resource support and fellowship. Bishop Taylor began to spend time with these leaders through fellowship, prayer and providing administrative resources to the felt needs of those who came into contact with him. In 2005, while seeking the will of God concerning his direction and will for this new ministry, God spoke and gave specific instructions to start an organized fellowship.  It is in response to this Divine mandate that Helping Independent Ministries was birthed. Goals/Objectives
    To provide for the coordination and networking of the gifts to the Church by Christ’s Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. To foster a resource atmosphere for nurturing, teaching, credentialing, certification and covering to affiliate members. To engage in self-definitions of reason for being. To stimulate the faith community (spiritually, mentally, physically) to a deeper understanding and participation of the Christian experience. To encourage maturity in integrity, the spirit of excellence and accountability in leadership performance to the Body of Christ, the Church.
HOW TO JOIN H.I.M. HIM is open to men and women who are in ministry.  We do not discriminate against any race, sex, ethnic background, or members of denominations or independent groups. 1. Who is responsible for HIM? HIM is an outreach of Heart to Heart International Ministries, Inc. led by Bishop Jerome A. Taylor and his designees. 2. Who can be a member of HIM? Pastors, Assistant Pastors and heads of ministries.  Spouses will be considered honorary members unless they themselves choose to join HIM and become an official member with all rights and privileges afforded by full membership. 3. How may I join HIM? Simply fill out an application.  A processing fee of $25.00 will be charged to cover expenses.  Annual dues are $100.00. BENEFITS OF AFFILIATION WITH HIM 1.      Annual conventions for ministries and their congregations. 2.       A covering for the minister and his/her ministry. 3.      Gives credibility and accountability to the ministry for being a part of a larger fellowship of ministries. 4.      A resource of information, education, and direction. 5.      Fellowship among the brethren.